Class of 2023

Caitlyn Anderson, DO

Hometown: Westport, CT
Undergraduate Education: Vassar College
Medical Education: Western University of Health Sciences
Hobbies: Backpacking, skiing, traveling, sushi, cycling, trapeze, and sailing
Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m a dual citizen!
Plans after Residency: Moving back east (or perhaps buying a house in Claremont)
Next Adventure: Japan
EM Interests: Critical care, global health, and disaster medicine

Christina Cheung, MD

Hometown: Sacramento, CA “Go Kings!”
Undergraduate Education: UC Irvine “Zot Zot!”
Medical Education: California Northstate University College of Medicine
Hobbies: Being outside, carbo-loading on my days off, reading Annals of Emergency Medicine and NEJM with my eyes closed, gawking at other people’s babies, cooking for an army of one (my fiancé), and getting lost in a foreign country
Fun Fact About Yourself: Had aspirations of being a professional swimmer up until I realized I was not going to be as tall as Michael Phelps
Plans after Residency: Practicing EM and teaching the next generation of doctors
Next Adventure: Winning a dumpling eating competition. Learning a new language (Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Dothraki are on the list)
EM Interests: Toxicology, Critical Care, Wilderness Medicine, and Ultrasound

Brian Chin, MD

Hometown: Fremont, CA
Undergraduate Education: UC San Diego
Medical Education: Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Hobbies: 3D printing, skiing, video games, shooting
Fun Fact About Yourself: I own multiple 3D printers
Plans after Residency: Hopefully a Pain Management fellowship, working in California
Next Adventure: An onsen in Japan
EM Interests: TEMS, Pain Management, Ultrasound

Danny Fernandez, MD

Hometown: Anaheim Hills, CA
Undergraduate Education: UCLA
Medical Education: UCSF
Hobbies: Hiking, wood working
Fun Fact About Yourself: Restore a ’68 VW
Plans after Residency: Critical care, EMS
Next Adventure: To be discover
EM Interests: Critical care, EMS, US

Eric Frendt, MD

Hometown: Boise, ID
Undergraduate Education: Masters College
Medical Education: Loma Linda University
Hobbies: Mountain biking
Fun Fact About Yourself: 
Plans after Residency: Get a job
Next Adventure: Surviving intern year
EM Interests: US

Nicholas George, MD

Hometown: Oakland, CA
Undergraduate Education: UC Berkley
Medical Education: University of Colorado
Hobbies: Playing music, power lifting
Fun Fact About Yourself: 
Plans after Residency: Critical Care Fellowship?
Next Adventure: Figure out my life
EM Interests: Critical care, ultrasound

Yuliya Matolina, DO

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate Education: CUNY Hunter College
Medical Education: NYCOM/western
Hobbies: traveling, yoga, drinking wine and watching bravo
Fun Fact About Yourself: 
Plans after Residency: move next to the beach, travel and volunteer more
Next Adventure: Hawaii, Greece, learning to cook hopefully
EM Interests: global medicine

Scott Meeker, MD

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Undergraduate Education: San Jose State University
Medical Education: Boston University
Hobbies: Skydiving
Fun Fact About Yourself: I won the bronze medal at the World Skydiving Championship
Plans after Residency: EMS fellowship
Next Adventure: 
EM Interests: EMS, US