Class of 2024

Elvin Chiang, DO

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
  • Undergraduate Education: UC San Diego
  • Medical Education: Touro University Nevada
  • Hobbies: Backpacking and camping, snowboarding, video games, basketball, woodworking, learning to not burn the kitchen down
  • Fun Fact About Yourself: I will never say no to Taco Bell
  • Plans after Residency: Adopt a dog, travel the States with a camper, own and DIY a home
  • Next Adventure: Patagonia, Portugal and the Azores, Japan
  • EM Interests: Ultrasound, wilderness medicine, international medicine

Hovhannes Ghazaryan, MD

  • Hometown: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Undergraduate Education: UCLA
  • Medical Education: Drexel University College of Medicine
  • Hobbies: Fitness, acoustic guitar, Armenian BBQ, comedy stand-ups, traveling, camping
  • Fun Fact About Yourself: I lived in Russia for 10 years (possibly worked for the KGB)
  • Plans after Residency: find a wife, escape the country
  • Next Adventure: Croatia, Australia, Nepal
  • EM Interests: Addiction medicine, interventional pain management, trauma, international medicine, wilderness medicine

Joseph Kim, MD

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

  • Undergraduate Education: UCLA

  • Medical Education: Oakland University William Beaumont

  • Hobbies: Basketball, watching movies/shows, spend time with my family/friends/doggies, and sleeping

  • Fun Fact About Yourself: I am afraid of heights, but enjoy roller coasters

  • Plans after Residency: Work and raise my family

  • Next Adventure: Figure out this fatherhood thing, and learn a few dad jokes

  • EM Interests: Critical care

Quinn Piibe, MD

  • Hometown: Claremont, CA

  • Undergraduate Education: Whitman College

  • Medical Education: Medical College of Wisconsin

  • Hobbies: Hiking, Climbing, Volleyball, Guitar, Snowboarding, Brewing Beer, Eating

  • Fun Fact About Yourself: I broke my foot hiking the PCT

  • Plans after Residency: Working at a Teaching Hospital in California

  • Next Adventure: New Zealand, Thailand

  • EM Interests: Wilderness Medicine, MedEd, EMS

Tegan Schmidt, MD

  • Hometown: Rocklin, CA

  • Undergraduate Education: Stanford University

  • Medical Education: Case Western Reserve University

  • Hobbies: painting, reading fantasy novels, yoga, live music, hiking

  • Fun Fact About Yourself: I played softball for 20 years

  • Plans after Residency: get a job

  • Next Adventure: escaping Cleveland and enjoying being back home in California

  • EM Interests: LGBTQ+ health, bioethics, ortho, tactical medicine

Jordan Storkersen, MD

  • Hometown: Temecula, CA

  • Undergraduate Education: UC Irvine

  • Medical Education: California Northstate University

  • Hobbies: Rock climbing, hiking, game nights, telling a good story, not killing my houseplants

  • Fun Fact About Yourself: My bucket list is almost entirely food related.

  • Plans after Residency: Outrun the giant boulder that is my student loan debt.

  • Next Adventure: Travel South America, publish a book, buy a kayak and see where it takes me

  • EM Interests: Wilderness medicine, medical education, trauma

Cuong Tran, MD

  • Hometown: Vietnam and San Diego, CA

  • Undergraduate Education: San Diego State University

  • Medical Education: University of Washington School of Medicine

  • Hobbies: Mountain biking & trying new outdoor activities

  • Fun Fact About Yourself: In a previous life, I worked with underserved children and loved it

  • Plans after Residency: Spend time with family, travel, eat and read books

  • Next Adventure: Bicycle through and camp in all the states

  • EM Interests: Health disparities, health care policy, primary care in the ED, ultrasound, and medical education

Danielle Weck, MD

  • Hometown: Sacramento, CA

  • Undergraduate Education: University of California Davis

  • Medical Education: Eastern Virginia Medical School

  • Hobbies: Hiking, baking, reading and DIYs!

  • Fun Fact About Yourself: I will never get tired of listening to the Beatles and Elvis

  • Plans after Residency: Buy a house

  • Next Adventure: My goal is to visit all of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Next stop Jordan!

  • EM Interests: Rural Medicine, ultrasound, procedures and Health Care Advocacy