Class of 2025

Victor Cao, MD

Hometown:  Loma Linda, CA
Undergraduate Education:  California State University, San Bernardino
Medical Education:  Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Hobbies:  Exploring the culinary scene, Mountain biking, BJJ
Fun Fact About Yourself:  My smashburgers will knock your socks off
Plans after Residency:  Paying off loans and traveling as much as I can
Next Adventure:  Exploring the Amalfi Coast
EM Interests:  EMS, event medicine, ultrasound

Yuwen Cheng, MD

Hometown:  Queens, NY
Undergraduate Education:  New York University
Medical Education:  Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University
Hobbies:  #gymtoeat, coffee enthusiast, netflix binger
Fun Fact About Yourself:  motorcycle-chick-wannabe
Plans after Residency:  Be a spirited ER doc living the Cali dream; oh and to open a coffee shop
Next Adventure:  If stars aligned and covid controlled, a trip to Europe. Or get a puppy I guess?
EM Interests:  Crit Care, EMS, Addiction Med

Dev Dhillon, MD

Hometown:  Fontana, CA
Undergraduate Education:  University of California, Davis
Medical Education:  University of California, Riverside School of Medicine
Hobbies:  Snowboarding, automotive enthusiast, wood working, lifting, shooting, camping, hiking, fishing, video games
Fun Fact About Yourself:  Put my ankle back in place after breaking it doing back flips. I landed the first one though.
Plans after Residency:  start a family, enjoy life as an ER doc
Next Adventure:  Travel through India
EM Interests:  Ultrasound, EMS, critical care, toxicology, wilderness medicine

Thuy-My Le, MD

Hometown:  Sarasota, FL
Undergraduate Education:  Johns Hopkins University
Medical Education:  Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Hobbies:  weightlifting, skiing/snowboarding/hiking, cookie and cake decorating, cooking, writing scathing yelp reviews, and playing guitar poorly
Fun Fact About Yourself:  I believe in ghosts
Plans after Residency:  open my own bakery, start my own tech business, and be a real doctor
Next Adventure:  rebranding myself as a surfer chick
EM Interests:  wilderness medicine, research, administration

Cyrus Nguyen, MD

Hometown:  Van Nuys, CA
Undergraduate Education:  Yale University
Medical Education:  UC Riverside School of Medicine
Hobbies:  surfing, Color Me Mine, world exploration
Fun Fact About Yourself:  I was on American Idol
Plans after Residency:  trophy husband
Next Adventure:  adopting a dog
EM Interests:  admin, med ed, and very excited to learn more about the many other facets of emergency medicine with which i am not familiar

Dustin Phan, MD

Hometown:  Nashville, TN
Undergraduate Education:  University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Medical Education:  Meharry Medical College
Hobbies:  Live music, eating, exercise, and playing with my dog Mac
Fun Fact About Yourself:  I once won a music scholarship for playing bluegrass guitar
Plans after Residency:  Get a job and pay off my loans
Next Adventure:  Hawaii
EM Interests:  US and toxicology

Niluk Leon Senewiratne, MD

Hometown:  Chino, California
Undergraduate Education:  University of Southern California
Medical Education:  University of California Riverside School of Medicine
Hobbies: Marksmanship, Building cars, Snowboarding, Camping, Offroading, Gardening
Fun Fact About Yourself: I have survived 3 helicopter crashes
Plans after Residency: Work in a county medical setting/ community program. Continue to teach medical education.
Next Adventure: Take my dad to go see Machu Picchu
EM Interests: Critical care medicine, EM advocacy/ legislation, Hospital administration, Medical student education

Ray Tang, MD

Hometown:  Fullerton, CA
Undergraduate Education:  Columbia University
Medical Education:  Mount Sinai
Hobbies:  Kickboxing, BJJ, camping/hiking, karaoke, DIY projects, video games
Fun Fact About Yourself:  Lately been on a medieval history binge
Plans after Residency:  TBD, but hopefully working with many veterans
Next Adventure:  Somewhere tropical, never had a proper tropical vacation
EM Interests:  Wilderness med, EMS